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VALMINI International Real Estate Brokers in CROATIA

Welcome to our web site:

With CROATIA becoming ever more popular as a holiday destination, interest in purchasing property, or real estate in the country has also risen quite suddenly in the last year or so.

Here we have complied a short guide  to help you get started if you or your clients are interested in purchasing property in Croatia.

The basic offer for cooperation  with foreign real estate brokers is :

-         sales  of various allotments of land at the Adriatic islands or at main land in Istria or Dalmatia

-         allotments of land with old homes at Gorski kotar

-         new homes and apartments of different size and price along the Adriatic coast

-         old homes located in Istria -  maximum 15 kilometers away from the sea

-         sales of new or old furnished apartments

-         the possibility to offer a complete  service to any foreign buyer  (the project and technical documentation for the building project )

-         assistance in picking up the best builder

-         the inspection of the building proces

For more demanding clients we are ready to offer  

      - larger allotments of land for hotels building , apartment settlements or 

        golf playgrounds.     

     -  small hotels in Istria and Dalmatia and allotments of land suitable for 

        building of different industrial objects.       

      - assistance to obtain all necessary documents for building of those  

         objects for foreign investors.

As your broker my aim is to get you the best value for purchase of any object in Croatia. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me for all further details at: